Book Rants

I have a job where I get to listen to books and music all day while I'm doing the same repetitive and mind-numbingly boring tasks over and over with my hands and I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Since I'm borrowing them from the library and not buying them, I'm more willing to try popular books and books that aren't my usual reading genre and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. But mostly I end up finding somw e major issue, usually a flaw in logic, that makes a bafflingly popular book into something I didn't enjoy and wouldn't recommend to anyone. How are some of these being made into movies and tv shows??

TITLE: Red Queen
AUTHOR: Victoria Aveyard

The writing was ok. The premise was ok. But there is one huge glaring part of the narrative that I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about?? So the peasants all have red blood and no powers. Ok, cool. And the nobles all have silver blood and powers. Gotcha. Then there's the teen girl main character that has red blood and powers. A bit cliche but sure, I'll bite. But when the main character is discovered by the nobles to have red blood and powers, she makes the claim that she was a silver blood raised by red bloods and only recently learned the truth. But... how do you for your whole 18-ish years of life without bleeding at some point? Do they not have periods in this world? Not to mention that blood is what makes parts of our skin pinkish, like lips, inside the mouth, edges of eyelids and that corner bit where a tear duct is. All of those would have clearly been not pink if she had silver blood at all. And the whole thing hinges on everyone believing this bullshit story so she doesn't get murdered during the cliche and overdone magic contest. Oh, and there's a love triangle that is pretty meh. I will not be reading the sequel (unless I run out of other things to read, or I'm feeling masochistic).