Flavors of Shipping


= Romantic
= Familial
= Platonic
= Spicy


Sweet = Generally healthy, mild ships that are safe to discuss in most public settings. Includes platonic, familial, and other non-romantic ships as well as romantic.

found family, hurt/comfort, sweet x grumpy, forehead kisses, i love you's between friends, playfulness and banter, opposites attract,


Spicy = Ships that are not generally safe to discuss in most public settings and generally reserved for other pervs that I know have similar ships and won't judge me. lol. Includes taboo, unhealthy, and often adult-oriented shipsof a romantic variety. Viewer discretion is advised.

bodyguard/protector, (legal) age gap, sweet x grumpy, dysfunctional but still somehow functional, slow burn, friends to lovers, opposites attract, or just a very healthy sex life


Gross = These are canon ships that I just find problematic in one way or another.

true enemies to lovers, abuse, anything exceedingly unhealthy, unbalanced power, real people


Vex'ahlia x Percival de Rolo

   Critical Role: Vox Machina / canon

Keyleth x Vax'ildan

   Critical Role: Vox Machina / canon

Abigail Whistler x Hannibal King

   Blade: Trinity / canon/non-canon

Inara Serra x Malcolm Reynolds

   Firefly / canon

Zoe Washburne x Hoban Washburne

   Firefly / canon

Kaylee Frye x Simon Tam

   Firefly / canon

Inara Serra x Kaylee Frye

   Firefly / canon

River Tam x Jayne Cobb

   Firefly / non-canon

Nana Osaki x Nana Komatsu

   Nana / canon

Lucy Chen x Tim Bradford

   The Rookie / canon

Usagi Tsukino x Mamoru Chiba

   Sailor Moon / canon

Michiru Kaiou x Haruka Tenou

   Sailor Moon / canon

Female Boss x Johnny Gat

   Saints Row / non-canon

Utena Tenjou x Touga Kiryuu

   Shoujo Kakumei Utena / non-canon

Joyce Byers x Jim Hopper

   Stranger Things / canon

Chrissy Cunningham x Eddie Munson

   Stranger Things / non-canon

Robin Sena x Amon

   Witch Hunter Robin / non-canon