TikTok Made Me Listen To It
Cover Me
"Thumbs" - Sabrina Carpenter
"W.I.T.C.H." - Devon Cole
"The Magick (Demo)" - Witchz
"Bloody Mary (Dance With my Hands)" - Arankai
"Saddy Daddy-O" - Artimus Wolz
"Influencer" - BAND-MAID
"Unleash!!!!!" - BAND-MAID
"River" - Bishop Briggs
"Be Around Me" - Will Joseph Cook & Chloe Moriondo
"Spaceman (feat. FiNCH)" - Electric Callboy
"SuperVillan" - HAGANE
"Valhalla Calling" - Miracle of Sound
"Cinderella Snapped" - Jax
"Paparazzi" - Kim Dracula
"Rainbow in the Dark" - Liliac
"the fruits" - Paris Paloma
"Villains Aren't Born (They're Made)" - PEGGY
"Hell's Comin' With Me" - Poor Man's Poison
"The Tale of Dead Ol' Fred" - RAT BATH
"Hooked" - Sam Short
"Weight of the World" - Shayfer James
"Wendigo" - Soviet Shiksa
"Rainbow in the Darl" - Liliac
"Run Away to Mars" - TALK
"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" - The First Fire
"Sometimes I'm Alone" - The Kiffness
"Doombop!" - The Toxhards
"Bea Arthur" - Topline Addicts
"Seven Nation Army (feat. Anthony Gargiula)" - VoicePlay
"Wlbrn St Tvrn" - Winona Fighter
"Run Boy Run" - Woodkid
"Choose Me" - BAND-MAID
"Victoria's Secret" - Jax
"The Devil You Know" - Blues Saraceno
"SUPERHERO" - Aim Vision
"Unholy" - Kayla King
"You're the One That I Want" - Lo-Fang
"Rolling in the Deep" - Maddi Jane
"Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Violet Orlandi)" - Melodicka Bros
"House of the Rising Sun" - Melodicka Bros
"Sex and Candy" - Small Town Titans
"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" - The First Fire
Seven Nation Army (feat. Anthony Gargiula)" - VoicePlay
"Bad Romance" - Halestorm
"Flowers" - KAYLA KING
"Victoria's Secret" - Halocene
"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" - Punk Rock Factory
"Teenage Dirtbag" - Halocene
"Kiss From a Rose" - No Resolve & KAYLA KING
"Folsom Prison Blues" - Small Town Titans
"Jolene" - Miley Montana
"Wicked Game" - Giant Drag
"Wicked Game" - Violet Orlandi
"Bad Moon Rising (feat. Peter Dreimanis)" - Mourning Ritual
"Royals Style Punk" - Puddles Pity Party
"Toxic" - Puddles Pity Party
"Running Up That Hill" - Placebo